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I love bread, I think it’s great. Getting home from the shops with a freshly baked loaf, it’s a little treat to have the crust after I’ve packed away all my other food. This joy is only to be found with the whole loaves, none of this sliced rubbish. Which leads me to wonder about the saying ‘the best thing since sliced bread’.
Firstly I find that sliced bread is NOT the nicest bread, and secondly, in this day and age, surely sliced bread is a rather outdated benchmark of excellence?
This point does raise the issue that a more modern example of technical excellence is difficult to quantify, especially if you want to retain the snappy punch of the original saying. For example; ‘the best thing since the cheap and efficient mass production of the internal combustion engine’ does not roll off the tongue with quite the same grace.
I invite you, gentle reader, to suggest a modern day equivalent to sliced bread, and await your suggestions with interest (that is, after all the whole point of the comments system).

Back to staple foods though.
It is my personal opinion that the only staple food to top bread in the all time favorite staple foodstuff of the world top 5, is potatoes. This is mainly for their culinary flexibility. In fact I may well be in a unique position in that I enjoy potatoes in any cooked form they may come in; be it boiled, mashed, baked, sautéed, roasted or chipped, I love the potatoe.
Bread does have the quite obvious advantage of speed, grabbing a slice of toast, or slapping together a quick sandwhich illustrates this nicely. But where would some of the classic British dishes be without the humble potatoe. Bangers and toast? Sunday roast with a few croutons? Fish ‘n’ …?
Well you see my point.
So the current top five according to Rob starts like this:
1. Potatoe
2. Bread

… Haven’t actually thought beyond this. Pasta and rice would be there of course although perhaps not in that order, but then what?

I had a thought for a new computer game.
There are plenty of assassin style games out there, the lone hitman faced with the challenge of taking out the mark and getting away clean. ‘Hitman-47’ is a good example that I’ve actually played.

So I thought, what about a game from the other perspective?
You take the possition of the body guard, or security expert or whatever you want to call it. Start off small with minor dignitaries and you as the soul bodyguard. Could work up to being in charge of mulitple team members and security procedures at events.

The game could have different paths, do you become an offical bodyguard, with the hope of ending up protecting the president or someone high up like that, or do you go and work for the mob working your way up to protect the mob boss. Perhaps even you’d become a private bodyguard, working for rich people or singers/actors, that kind of area.

Lots of opportunities for very cool stuff, just need someone to take the idea and do it.

A while ago, last year some time, I was having a good chat (listen?) with Jenna (one of my housemates). This was a fairly regular thing at the time, it was during the hoildays and she wasn’t mad busy with her play, as she is now.
Anyway, Jenna was explaining about Jehovah’s witnesses, as she and her Dad follow this belief structure. It was all very interesting with something about angels and the end of the world. All good stuff.
She then went on to say that she felt that she had been ‘sent’ to help me. Before you go leaping at conclusions she wasn’t claiming to be one of these angels or anything, which is good as that would be terribly arrogant. Needless to say I was pretty skeptical at the time, although I didn’t say anything to that effect.
Truth is I think she has helped me a great deal, probably without trying or realising it. She managed this with a single sentance that was a passing comment in another discussion. Seeing as I found it so inspiring, I’ll share it with the world on the off chance that someone else will find it equally helpful.
It will be slightly para-phrased seeing as I can’t remember the exact wording:

In order to feel completely alive you need to be willing to step out of your comfort zone.

Obviously you can take this in whatever way you want, personally I feel that it wasn’t intended to be refering to physical comfort but more to mental comfort.
Don’t find the idea of talking to your boss about a raise comfortable? Thats ok, you need to go out of your comfort zone once in a while.
Can’t think of a good way of approching that beautiful lady?? Leave the comfort of avoidance and give it a go.

Does this leave you open to the possibility of difficult or awkward situations? Yes, yes it does.
Does it make you feel alive? Damn right it does!

If you think about it toast is pretty weird.

Making bread is quite an involved process, there’s mixing, kneeding, leavening. Then a bit of squishing, then cooking. Eating seems to naturally follow all this hard work.
Unless, you decide that after having done all this (or strolled down to the local baker/supermarket, whatever) you’re going to cook it again!
A flash burn of cooking, close to burning on both sides to produce ‘toast’.
I think that ‘toast’ could quite legitiamtely be called biscuit bread, due to the cooked twice nature of it.

Even though some people call something else biscuit bread.

Can you imagine what moon cheese would taste like?
Assume for a moment that the moon was made of cheese, what would that cheese be like? It would certainly give people an incentive to go back to the moon. Perhaps moon cheese would taste different depending on where it was mined from: ‘That’s a fine specimen of tranquility blue’ people could say at a blind moon cheese tasting competition.
Its rarity would make it a very expensive delecacy ‘With this moon cheese you are really spoiling us ambassador’ and would be in the same league as caviar.
Just imagine the swankiest restraunts in town selling moon cheese toasties at an enorously inflated price.

It would be great if the moon was made of cheese, but perhaps we just need to dig a bit below the surface.

Recently I’ve not been on the net very much at all… And it occured to me as I was reading one of the many blogs that I’m slowly becoming bored of, some of these people seem to spend a stupidly large amount of time on the net looking about for ‘stuff’.
Of course the alarm bells of hiporcrisy should be ringing because I have spent lots of time online in the past, and probably will do again in the future (say when the uni breaks up for holidays and classes like breakdancing aren’t on any more). Now where’s all this talk leading?
Well good question. This sudden outbreak of Real Life means that, on the plus side I’m out in the Real World, meeting Real People and the like, the downside is that some of my good friends that I can only keep in contact with via the internet (for various reasons) are missing out. In fact I’m missing out too, I’m not trying to say that these relationships aren’t two way or anything…
The problem I think with leading a balanced lifestyle – or trying to – is fitting everything in, time is precious and other great words like that.

… I seem to have lost the plot of this post a bit…

If I find it again I’ll do a bit of hack and slash editing.
Until then you can worry about my sanity and suggest that I get more sleep (which I really should).

I was thinking, as I so often do, about some random things (heh, link with site name there, nice) and my thoughts turned to the opticians.
Why I wondered to myself is the eye exam always carried out in a darkened room?

Then sudden inspiration stuck, if the room is well lit, or even bright, then the pupils will contract, making the apature to the eye smaller, thus increasing the eyes Depth of field. This will in turn slightly fudge or hide any sight defects that the person being tested may have.
Ultimately resulting in an incorrect perscription, assuming that corrective lenses are needed.

This I though was quite a neat theory and wanted to check it out to see if I was correct.

Unfortunately as yet I have not been able to find any information on the subject of why sight tests are usually done in a darkened room… so I don’t know if I’m right.

If anyone knows for defiante or has any other ideas, well thats what the comments are for 🙂

Well, I was dozing this morning and quite randomly dreamt of a new system of government. Before I describe it I must point out that I have little knowlegde of politics and have no idea how good/practical this idea would actually be…. plus it a dream damnit!!

Firstly there is the ruler, for now lets assume that they have complete power over the country, in the same manner as a king/queen of old. Below the kind is the master questioner, this person has the power to remove the ruler from power. The master questioner’s job is to ask questions, the ruler must justifiy themselves to the master questioner.
Below the master questioner is the assembly, they can elect the master questioner (MQ from now on) and the MQ must satisfactorily explain to the assembly what the ruler is doing, and why.

It is quite easy in this situation to imagine there being parties in the assembly, each with a favoured MQ and the assembly being elected by the pubilc, so not all that different from the current british system of governemt.
It just seemed like a good idea to have the decision make one step removed from the public election process in order to encourage more long term planning. Also if an MQ is voted out it doesn’t necessarily mean the ruler is removed from power, if they can do a satifactory job of explaining their actions to the new MQ.

I was browsing Shacknews (should really add that to the links list), when I saw a link to the setting up of QuakeCon 2004, I had a quick look see…
Damn they use a lot of computers, networking equipment, etc for that !!!
The geek in me was looking at the pictures and I couldn’t help but think how much fun it must be to set up something like that, there’s evern a picture of about 20 people sat round a table just crimping network leads….

fantastic fun…

I was reading an article about successful blogs and blogging which I felt resonated with me.
D. Keith (I always read that as Dr Keith for some reason) points out that a good blog has regular posts, interesting information and sometimes humourous content. This is pretty much exactly the same criteria (critrion?) that links in my ‘Worthy blogs’ section must pass.
Unfortunately the realisation has stuck that my very own blog, this here now, would not pass my own criteria for being a worthy blog :O. I would like to think that this is because I am just getting started and feeling my way around my for my own writing style and trying to improve that style.

Can you improve something you haven’t found?

anyway, as they say in AA meetings* the first step is to admit that you have a problem…
Here it is then, I have a problem knowing what to blog about and being sure to make it interesting and/or amusing.

I will be working at this problem along with several others (mostly programming based) over the next few weeks and months.
Bear with me during this period, and as the once popular songs states

Things can only get better… 😉

*I’ve never actually been to an AA meeting