I had a thought for a new computer game.
There are plenty of assassin style games out there, the lone hitman faced with the challenge of taking out the mark and getting away clean. ‘Hitman-47’ is a good example that I’ve actually played.

So I thought, what about a game from the other perspective?
You take the possition of the body guard, or security expert or whatever you want to call it. Start off small with minor dignitaries and you as the soul bodyguard. Could work up to being in charge of mulitple team members and security procedures at events.

The game could have different paths, do you become an offical bodyguard, with the hope of ending up protecting the president or someone high up like that, or do you go and work for the mob working your way up to protect the mob boss. Perhaps even you’d become a private bodyguard, working for rich people or singers/actors, that kind of area.

Lots of opportunities for very cool stuff, just need someone to take the idea and do it.