A while ago, last year some time, I was having a good chat (listen?) with Jenna (one of my housemates). This was a fairly regular thing at the time, it was during the hoildays and she wasn’t mad busy with her play, as she is now.
Anyway, Jenna was explaining about Jehovah’s witnesses, as she and her Dad follow this belief structure. It was all very interesting with something about angels and the end of the world. All good stuff.
She then went on to say that she felt that she had been ‘sent’ to help me. Before you go leaping at conclusions she wasn’t claiming to be one of these angels or anything, which is good as that would be terribly arrogant. Needless to say I was pretty skeptical at the time, although I didn’t say anything to that effect.
Truth is I think she has helped me a great deal, probably without trying or realising it. She managed this with a single sentance that was a passing comment in another discussion. Seeing as I found it so inspiring, I’ll share it with the world on the off chance that someone else will find it equally helpful.
It will be slightly para-phrased seeing as I can’t remember the exact wording:

In order to feel completely alive you need to be willing to step out of your comfort zone.

Obviously you can take this in whatever way you want, personally I feel that it wasn’t intended to be refering to physical comfort but more to mental comfort.
Don’t find the idea of talking to your boss about a raise comfortable? Thats ok, you need to go out of your comfort zone once in a while.
Can’t think of a good way of approching that beautiful lady?? Leave the comfort of avoidance and give it a go.

Does this leave you open to the possibility of difficult or awkward situations? Yes, yes it does.
Does it make you feel alive? Damn right it does!