Well, I was dozing this morning and quite randomly dreamt of a new system of government. Before I describe it I must point out that I have little knowlegde of politics and have no idea how good/practical this idea would actually be…. plus it a dream damnit!!

Firstly there is the ruler, for now lets assume that they have complete power over the country, in the same manner as a king/queen of old. Below the kind is the master questioner, this person has the power to remove the ruler from power. The master questioner’s job is to ask questions, the ruler must justifiy themselves to the master questioner.
Below the master questioner is the assembly, they can elect the master questioner (MQ from now on) and the MQ must satisfactorily explain to the assembly what the ruler is doing, and why.

It is quite easy in this situation to imagine there being parties in the assembly, each with a favoured MQ and the assembly being elected by the pubilc, so not all that different from the current british system of governemt.
It just seemed like a good idea to have the decision make one step removed from the public election process in order to encourage more long term planning. Also if an MQ is voted out it doesn’t necessarily mean the ruler is removed from power, if they can do a satifactory job of explaining their actions to the new MQ.