I was reading an article about successful blogs and blogging which I felt resonated with me.
D. Keith (I always read that as Dr Keith for some reason) points out that a good blog has regular posts, interesting information and sometimes humourous content. This is pretty much exactly the same criteria (critrion?) that links in my ‘Worthy blogs’ section must pass.
Unfortunately the realisation has stuck that my very own blog, this here now, would not pass my own criteria for being a worthy blog :O. I would like to think that this is because I am just getting started and feeling my way around my for my own writing style and trying to improve that style.

Can you improve something you haven’t found?

anyway, as they say in AA meetings* the first step is to admit that you have a problem…
Here it is then, I have a problem knowing what to blog about and being sure to make it interesting and/or amusing.

I will be working at this problem along with several others (mostly programming based) over the next few weeks and months.
Bear with me during this period, and as the once popular songs states

Things can only get better… 😉

*I’ve never actually been to an AA meeting