Recently I’ve not been on the net very much at all… And it occured to me as I was reading one of the many blogs that I’m slowly becoming bored of, some of these people seem to spend a stupidly large amount of time on the net looking about for ‘stuff’.
Of course the alarm bells of hiporcrisy should be ringing because I have spent lots of time online in the past, and probably will do again in the future (say when the uni breaks up for holidays and classes like breakdancing aren’t on any more). Now where’s all this talk leading?
Well good question. This sudden outbreak of Real Life means that, on the plus side I’m out in the Real World, meeting Real People and the like, the downside is that some of my good friends that I can only keep in contact with via the internet (for various reasons) are missing out. In fact I’m missing out too, I’m not trying to say that these relationships aren’t two way or anything…
The problem I think with leading a balanced lifestyle – or trying to – is fitting everything in, time is precious and other great words like that.

… I seem to have lost the plot of this post a bit…

If I find it again I’ll do a bit of hack and slash editing.
Until then you can worry about my sanity and suggest that I get more sleep (which I really should).