Having a program called Urchin hidden in the background of this website is rather cool for the reason that it tells me what search terms people used that resulted in a hit to randomtask.co.uk. Some are fairly predictable, ‘Silly tasks’, ‘Random ock’, ‘the health benifits of apples’ and things along those lines that could be quite easily related to this site.
However some of the other searches that have lead here really do highlight how far search technology has yet to go. For example:
‘Pictures of a dogs reproductive system’… Or ‘Striptease classes’? Well these people were quite obviously disappointed when they clicked on the link to this site. In some ways this makes me feel slightly guilty, I feel that I should have some kind of disclaimer ‘If you came to this site via a search engine it’s quite probable that there is nothing of interest to you’ or something along those lines.
There was a stage when I was tempted to take ideas for my posts from the searches that led here. There was a good example of this when a search that led here was for ‘endorphins in exercise’, or something similar, because this is something that I know a bit about and would be interested in finding out more.
Well as you can see I have yet to do anything along these lines, partly because of the close relation it seems to have with stable doors and a definate lack of horses.