It’s been just over a year since I bought my D70 kit, and what an excellent buy it has been. I would of course be the first to say that I still have a lot to learn, but that’s half the fun.
I read a website article recently which stated that you shouldn’t expect to master anything in less than ten years. It also had the quite wonderful idea of releasing anti-trend books to this view; “Teach yourself programming in ten years” I believe was an example. I actually find this idea quite comforting, and am happy to work towards it.
In the last year I’ve taken roughly 3,700 pictures with my D70 (or to be more precise roughly that number have been taken with it, as I cannot take credit for every picture)
As those of you aware of my website photo gallery there is a grand total of 24 pictures from that 3,700ish that I feel are quality enough to share with the general populus. I hope that the next year will bring more pictures in both counts!