Irrational self: “They haven’t called back, I must have done something to upset them!”
Rational self:”STOP!! The world does not revolve around you!”
“What do you mean?” Demands irrational self
Rational self:”Well, just because they haven’t called doesn’t mean they don’t want to. They may just be busy. And if they don’t want to call you it’s probably not because of anything you’ve done.”
Irrational self:”What would it be then?”
Rational self:”Well they could be tired, caught up with something else, working, problems with friends or family that you’re not in a position to help with etc.”
Irrational self:”What you mean like a death in the family?”
Rational self:”That’s a bit extreme but possible.”
Irrational self:”Well then I should call…”
Rational self:”You’ve already called, and not that long ago. You left a message, and you know how getting obsessive is never a good idea.”
Irrational self:”Text, e-mail?”
Rational self:”No! Just leave it a few days and see what happens.”
Irrational self:”But… I worry.”
Rational self:”You’re just going to have to keep that to yourself for now, until you know what’s actually going on.”
Irrational self:”I could…..”
Rational self:”No.”
Irrational self:”But…”
Rational self:”No!”
Irrational self:”Maybe just…”
Rational self:”NO!”
Irrational self:”FINE BE LIKE THAT!” Irrational self goes to the corner to sulk and mutter.

After a few hours irrational self will be back. This will continue ad infinitum….

If only I had more control over my brain.