I’m in an astonishingly good mood today. Not only have I remembered my sandwiches which seem to be un-soggy, but also I’m making good progress with work!

Yesterday much to my supprise I got home with an orange and the cuppa-soup left over! You may think that this is the maddness of a mad person but hear my reasoning:
I had eaten all but those afore mentioned items by about 2 o’clock. At roughly three I felt a bit hollow, empty, or at least lacking in fullness, but I wasn’t actually feeling hungry. I decided that eating the little food I had would very probably result in extreme hunger which I could do nothing about. So I waited it out, and arrived home not feeling too bad.
I ate a lot when I got home.

Capoeira was very tiring, I’m still unsure if it’s because it was the first proper amount of exercise for four weeks or the lack of lunchtime sustinance. Perhaps mondays class will clear that up.