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One of the great advantages of travelling alone and driving myself is that I can stop whenever I see something I want to photograph. I’d like to say that I screech to a halt and jump out. In reality I curse as I sail past the best view and look for a place to turn round. After having all of my possessions and cooking equipment thrown all over the place I avoid screeching to a halt these days 🙂
(Gratuitous use of the gradient filter in Lightroom 2)

It was raining pretty much all weekend. I was hoping to get out on another cycle on Sunday – it would be onlt my second outing. I didn’t let the rain get me down though:
Yes you’re eyes are seeing correctly, I engineered a rain retardent solution to allow me to continue to take pictures with out fear of my camera getting damaged. I’m not actually sure if the pictures that I took made the effort worthwhile, but the DIY-ness of it was very satifying.
I was a bit confused though, I was getting some odd looks from some of the locals, even after smiling and waving they didn’t smile back (as they usually would).
After about two hours I suddenly realised why: Read the rest of this entry »

On the way into work this morning I was thinking about dark background flash photography. Essentially I was wondering how you would work out how far away your background would have to be from your flash and subject in order for the background to be recorded as completely black.
I’m sure you’re all well aware of the rule that light falloff follows an inverse square law. It also occured to me on this drive that f-stops on a lens also follow a square law. This led me to wonder the following:
If you know the dynamic range of your sensor in terms of stops – for example 9 – and you know the distance from you flash to your subject – 1m – is the black level distance really very easy to calculate? 4.5m beyond subject.
Let me walk you through what I’ve just done:
I’m assuming (incorrectly but this is just a quick example) that your correctly exposed subject falls dead in the middle of your dynamic range, i.e. 4.5 stops from peak white and peak black. I’m also assuming that if you double the distance between your subject and your flash (to 2m) that you’d have to open your aperture up one stop to compensate. This would give evidence to my idea that the square law fall of light is directly proportional to the square law nature of ‘stops’ in camera lingo. My final assumption is that if you took a meter reading and the underexposed by 4.5 stops (in this case with a dynamic range of 9) that you would get a pure black output.
All of this is just conjecture at the moment, but I have an idea of how to test it… more info when I get the time to experiment 🙂

Recently I’ve been getting more and more enthusiastic about photography, unfortuantely it’s been a passive enthusiasm. I just haven’t had the time to really get stuck in. I’m eager to really get to know my camera until using it to get the results I want is second nature. Other things have been getting in the way.
Strangly it’s gotten to the point where I’m almost looking at all this travelling as more of a break to learn photography with a few extra bits thrown in….
I must be careful not to let photography get in the way of the whole travelling experience, hopefully if I get it right it can enhance the whole thing. It could result in me searching out scenes that I would not normally have seen.

This is really a post to check if I can put flickr pictures up here (preparing for the travelling in every way). I would like to wax rhapsoic in telling a story of three men in a small backgarden, united in the persuit of an image. An image unformed but in thought and word. Time melted away as we worked together until finally the above image came into life and the work was accomplished.
But I won’t

In a fit of mad enthusiasm I’ve dropped over a grand on a new camera (D300 for those that care). It arrived on Monday and I have to say, it’s a beast!! Better than my previous camera in every way except the fact that it’s quite a bit heavier – something I wasn’t really expecting.

The manual is over 400 pages long, and that’s all English….
Sooo many settings, I had a little read of some of this monster tome last night before I went to bed. My dreams were filled with wonderful and beautiful vistas in some part of Australia, coupled with my complete inability to capture them because I had some settings wrong on my camera and didn’t understand what was going on.

Fortunately I’ll be able to get to grips with this new hunk of technology new week when I’m relaxing at my parents place 🙂

Well I went to the British museum at the weekend, the first time I’ve been. Of course I took my camera and took a few pictures. I wasn’t really feeling it though, I felt a bit un-inspired. However before I went to bed last night I had a quick flick through the pictures I did take (still on the camera). And you know what, they were actually not too bad. They’re going to be blurry there’s no doubt about that, it was pretty dark in there. But the composition was actually pleasing.
Hopefully this will be the start of re-ignited enthusiasm for photography.

If you suffer from lens envy then don’t look at this. No seriously, just don’t.

Being interested in photography and photoshop I have an idea of how distorted some of the images of people in magazines and the media can be. There is an excellent example of just how fake things can be on apophenia, a blog I read with interest (to be honest the video is a slight departure from the normal commentary).
You seriously need to check out this video.

I’d be interested if there were a male version, to contrast how much (or little) guys in magazines get the same treatment.

I can tell from my stats that people have probably failed to notice but I’ve put the picture uploads that I lost from the server move back on the gallery. See some gig shots taken for Seven Story Down in a new album devoted to music shoots.

Drug update coming soon.