Damn my lack of blogging I’m going to have to explain backstory.
So, during the Christmas break I had a bit of glandular swelling, under my jaw. With a bit of web research and a visit to the doctors it was ‘diagnosed’ as probably just a bad throat infection. (Actually by the time I found a doctor, it wasn’t a bank holiday, I’d gotten registered and got an appointment it had started to go down anyway). Doctor gave me some antibiotics, bit of a stock response I thought but still, and a blood test. Because of some work problems I didn’t actually go in for my blood test until last week, and I called up for the results this morning.
Considering that all the symptoms seem to have gone and I feel fine I was only really calling for completeness. Also in the hope that I could find out my blood type seeing as I don’t know what it is.
The conversation didn’t go quite as expected at this point:
“Ah, yes I wrote you a letter not long ago, we want you to come in and see the doctor again” (or words to that effect).
The words “Oh good, just out of curiosity can you tell me my blood type?” die in their prepared brain space….


The conversation soon ends with me having an appointment for Friday morning and a slight feeling of confusion.
Irrational self is going crazy “What three weeks to live, god no I’m too young….” etc. Not entirely sure where the number of three weeks came from but hey.
Realistically I’m expecting the doctor to tell me that I drink too much and should cut down, which is something I’ve been thinking for a while now (especially after Friday night!). Hopefully if it is that then it’ll give me the extra incentive to actually cut down, rather than just thinking it would be a good idea.