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This morning I was dreaming about being in a film – well sort of being in a film, you know how dreams can be – when I was rudely awoken. I thought it was quite a good idea so I’ll share it with you.
The main character is a single father raising a son. He works in a forensics department and is good at his job. Money however is tight. This could be illustrated by clips of him balancing spreadsheets and choosing the cheapest tinned goods in a super market. However life is still good and he has a firm relationship with his son.
Then he makes a mistake at work, and one of his responsibilities is taken away from him. This comes with a minor fall in is pay (think co-worker saying ‘Hey it’s only $30’ or something like that). This is too much, however our character tried to rework his finances he still needs an extra $7 a week to make ends meet.
At this pivotal point we see the father and the son sitting at a table, the father is looking to find a second job in the newspaper and the son is doing homework.
Father: “I don’t have enough time to get any of these part time jobs!”
In desperation he asks his son if he has any ideas
Son: “Well you could read scripts”
Father – Looks puzzled
Son: “I’m sure you could read scripts and note down if you liked them or not, it wouldn’t pay much but it’d only take a few hours a week”
Father, gets the wrong idea and proffers some paper and a pen to his son: “Ok write something”
Son laughing: “but I don’t have any money to pay you”
Father: “Well you’re what fourteen now? I think it’s about time that you got a job”
Son: “…”
So the son gets a part time job and writes scripts so he can pay his father $10 a week to read them and say if he likes them or not. The thing is that the father likes the scripts too much. He strongly starts to believe that these scripts should be made into a movie. From here much hilarity could ensue (this is pretty much where I woke up so how it ends it pretty open).

So there you go, let me know what you think. For some reason the father figure was played by Steve Martin in the dream.

These aren’t coming particularly thick or fast, but don’t complain, they’re free.

This idea is more of an extension of another idea I read about not so long ago…. Well its probably quite long ago now, I’ve been procrastinating. Anyway one of the more recent mobile phone gimmicks is to add a pedometer to the phone, for exercise purposes. And an idea that was mooted quite a while ago (although as I understand it nothing’s yet come of it) was to use the pedometer to synchronise the beat of the music you’re listening to to the pound of your steps. I’m leaping to the assumption that you’d only enable this when jogging or running.
So here’s my idea, into this system add compatibility with the heart rate monitor strap things you can get (Polar is I believe one make).
Then use the heart rate to slowly drift the speed of the music (that is going at your running pace) to either increase or decrease your rate of work.

So in practice, you’d be running along, your music would be in time with your steps, and it would slowly increase in BPM and if the drift is timed well, you’d speed up. Your pace would be almost subliminally controlled like this to ensure that your heart rate is kept in a good exercise zone.

It’s been a long time since my last free idea, even though I’ve had a few knocking around my head for even longer. Still, worth the wait I think, this one is a corker. And it has nothing to do with burning my hand on the kettle at work trying to find out if it’s hot or not. Honest

Simple: A sticker, that changes colour to heat (they exist, used to come free with cereals) but more specifically only changes colour when its above 85-90°C (arbitrary numbers right now but hey). You then stick the sticker to the side of your kettle. If it’s changed colour, no need to re-boil.
Tefal could do a whole thing about it, seeing as they have the frying pans with a similar idea.

Or, if that’s too simple and cheap for you. A kettle that has a ‘recently boiled’ light on it, that’ll stay on for 10 mins after it’s been boiled.

Someone please do it, and if you feel the need to celebrate my genius with this simple thinking then mail me: rob AT randomtask DOT co DOT uk.

(I’m sure you can workout the anti-spam action going on there)

Speed cameras on the motorway are stupid. In towns speed cameras are deffinately a good idea when well placed, but on the open motorway it is not speed that causes accidents. It is my belief that tailgating, or following too closely, is what causes accidents on the motorway.

So here is the idea, a camera that catches and fines drivers that are following too closely. Thought needs to be put into this idea however, a simple measure of distance between cars would lead to a lot of false fines during a traffic jam for example. A measure of time between cars instead would work, when learning to drive I was told of the ‘two second rule’ whereby the time between the car in front passing a stationry object by the side of the road and you passing the same object should be two seconds. With the modern cars of today and the need to be realistic about the number of people fined, I would suggest that a gap of one second should suffice for the safety camera.

So thereit is, in a nutshell. The only thing now is to think of a decent name for it. Speed camera does roll off the tongue so well.