This morning I was dreaming about being in a film – well sort of being in a film, you know how dreams can be – when I was rudely awoken. I thought it was quite a good idea so I’ll share it with you.
The main character is a single father raising a son. He works in a forensics department and is good at his job. Money however is tight. This could be illustrated by clips of him balancing spreadsheets and choosing the cheapest tinned goods in a super market. However life is still good and he has a firm relationship with his son.
Then he makes a mistake at work, and one of his responsibilities is taken away from him. This comes with a minor fall in is pay (think co-worker saying ‘Hey it’s only $30’ or something like that). This is too much, however our character tried to rework his finances he still needs an extra $7 a week to make ends meet.
At this pivotal point we see the father and the son sitting at a table, the father is looking to find a second job in the newspaper and the son is doing homework.
Father: “I don’t have enough time to get any of these part time jobs!”
In desperation he asks his son if he has any ideas
Son: “Well you could read scripts”
Father – Looks puzzled
Son: “I’m sure you could read scripts and note down if you liked them or not, it wouldn’t pay much but it’d only take a few hours a week”
Father, gets the wrong idea and proffers some paper and a pen to his son: “Ok write something”
Son laughing: “but I don’t have any money to pay you”
Father: “Well you’re what fourteen now? I think it’s about time that you got a job”
Son: “…”
So the son gets a part time job and writes scripts so he can pay his father $10 a week to read them and say if he likes them or not. The thing is that the father likes the scripts too much. He strongly starts to believe that these scripts should be made into a movie. From here much hilarity could ensue (this is pretty much where I woke up so how it ends it pretty open).

So there you go, let me know what you think. For some reason the father figure was played by Steve Martin in the dream.