Speed cameras on the motorway are stupid. In towns speed cameras are deffinately a good idea when well placed, but on the open motorway it is not speed that causes accidents. It is my belief that tailgating, or following too closely, is what causes accidents on the motorway.

So here is the idea, a camera that catches and fines drivers that are following too closely. Thought needs to be put into this idea however, a simple measure of distance between cars would lead to a lot of false fines during a traffic jam for example. A measure of time between cars instead would work, when learning to drive I was told of the ‘two second rule’ whereby the time between the car in front passing a stationry object by the side of the road and you passing the same object should be two seconds. With the modern cars of today and the need to be realistic about the number of people fined, I would suggest that a gap of one second should suffice for the safety camera.

So thereit is, in a nutshell. The only thing now is to think of a decent name for it. Speed camera does roll off the tongue so well.