This definately didn’t make the news in the UK, so I can embellish my story to my hearts content!
My story starts last friday in the early morning. I had left the house early to get the bus into town for some internet action (my last blog post!). At about eight in the morning Leyla (our program leader) arrived at the girls house – which is by the beach – and woke everyone up. They had to get out of bed and move up to the boys house (we live slightly up the hill) because there’d been an earthquake at Tonga so a tsunami warning had been issued. It was all very dramatic, one of the girls was pretty tired and complained that she should have gone back to be ‘Do you want to die’ was the response from the taxi driver.
Meanwhile I was blissfully unaware of the impending doom, and my phone was off to conserve battery life so I couldn’t be warned. Leyla set off into town to find me despite more warnings from the taxi driver that this was a bad idea.
Half an hour later it turned out that it was a false alarm, which is good because I still didn’t know anything about it. I only found out when I got back, at midday. Ignorance is bliss sometimes šŸ™‚