Planning things in Fiji is not easy, plans seem to change all the time – usually for the best. Let me illustrate.
I’m in the internet cafe, I was planning to go diving today and get some internet action tomorrow. But now we’re going on a great diving voyage tomorrow starting at seven in the morning and finishing at about five in the afternoon. We’ll be going to an island 50 km away for what should be some ‘great diving’. This is quite a high claim as the diving in Fiji is already pretty f**king awesome – not that I’ve got anything to compare it to.
We found out about this change yesterday.

In other news yesterday was a damn cool day. We went to watch a local village on a once-a-year type fishing mission. A few of the guys from our group joined in scaring the fish into the net that’d been set across the mouth to the bay we were in. While I watched I was sipping coconut milk from a green coconut that’d been chopped from a tree a few feet away – fresh to say the least!! It’s a very cool genuine Fiji experience in my mind. But it gets better.
Then we were punted across to a small island where we swam and ate and the fish from the catch were cooked for us by our host. A few hours fresh and very very tasty. Most of us (including me) decided to swim back from the island. Then we sat in a village (not to one I was staying in) and watched them playing rugby.

A very memorable day!