We went out last night as a last goodbye from Fiji (I’m actually leaving tomorrow but some of us have already left).
I had a bottle of Fiji baby (Fiji bitter in a ‘stubby’ bottle), this would be my first sup of alcohol since we had some pretty extensive goodbye parties in Savusavu on the northern island of Fiji.
I couldn’t even finish one bottle, and on top of that this morning I had a hangover!!!

The message is clear to me, my body is rebelling after the silly amount of alcohol that was drunk when we had a lovo (Fijian hot rock cooking method) at our house as our first leaving party.
The problem is, or was, that the Fijians have a way of drinking called ‘Taki’ in which there is a taki master who has the beer, one small glass (more if there are a lot of people) and they pour out beers for people and the glass is passed round. You are expected to down the glass and hand it back. It’s supposed to symbolize how were are all one and it gets you drinking a lot of alcohol in a short space of time.
And when we ran out of beer and moved onto rum and coke… recipe for disaster. Basic upshot is that I won’t be drinking any alcohol for a while now, it just makes me feel ill!