Working in Rai Valley for about ten days my main ‘WWOOFer’ task was clearing out a warehouse full of random bits of junk. Well I thought it was junk but a lot of it was useful (apparently). Anyway it was quite a task but I learned something interesting about myself. There were lots of motor driven items in the mess, and most of them were to be thrown out – but the motor winding had to be removed to be sold at the scrap yard. Craig had a very pragmatic way of getting the windings from their housings. Simply smashing them with a sledge hammer.
Despite the generally held belief that destruction is fun I just didn’t get into it, taking to a mouting in a more intelectual manner with a spanner and a slower disassembly was something that I enjoyed much more. Thinking back to my life as a person I realised that I have always enjoyed building or creating something – even if it was mess or something that never got finished. Does this mean I’ve got more of a creative or constuctive soul? Well I’d like to think so, there is a sense of satisfaction when you have built something (real or virtual) and it works that you just don’t get my breaking something. Even the momentary elation at smashing something seems to be a feeling that I just don’t get. Probably it’s related to my gentle demeanor.