I took the ‘other’ ferry company back to the North Island. For no other reason than they are cheaper. This time the trip was boring. THey had a proper on board cineam but it had two problems. One – you had to pay for it, two – they were showing films I’d already seen.
After getting bored of taking photos of the landscape (or more acurately cold from the wind) I spent the rest of the voyage listening to music on my iPod.
It feels good to be back on the North Island. No idea why. Perhaps it’s just because I spent another few days in Wellington – I like the city quite a lot. This time however I didn’t stay in a hostel in the city, I just drove out and found a place to parkup and sleep – then drove back in again. Parking is expensive enough without adding somewhere to sleep on top of it!
I emailed some places about WWOOF’ing and then drove upto Hawkes bay.
First place I visited was Hastings – I didn’t like that at all, literally I stopped, got out of my van, got about as far as sniffing the air nad got back in my van and drove off.
Then I visited Napier and I liked this town much much more. Very nice, I spent the day there and watched Revloutionary Road (I try and stay out of the sun between 11 and 3 as I don’t like the idea of skin cancer). Good film. Quite sad.
I then broke alll tradition and stayed in campsites for two consecutive days!