I have never been in an ‘Adult’ shop in my life, so feeling slightly bored in Christchurch I thought I should have a look in one. Mainly out of curiosity. As I walked up to the door I felt quite nervous and uncomfortable, in fact I just walked straight by. As I wandered round the block and considered my failure, caused by fear, my resolve hardened. Facing my fears and generally becoming a more confident person was one of the assumed outcomes of travelling. And although going into an adult shop really has no practical use in ‘real life’ feeling the fear and doing it anyway is a fantastic experience to be able to recall in other situations where I’m afraid to do something but want to do it. I’m mainly thinking of approaching women here you understand.
So after a lap I went back to the door pulled it open and was in. Well, I was into an entry hall type place, with another door. I look around slightly confused. It became apparent that I had to ring a bell to actually get in so I did, and was buzzed in. While being fairly sure at what kind of things there would be in there (I have seen movies after all) I was still nervous and this lead me to blurt out to the guy that had buzzed me in that I’d never been in an adult shop before. I then did my best to be nauchelant. look at one shelf – no that’s full of gay porn DVD’s, casually move on to the next shelf – no, that’s full of gay porn magazines, casually move on to… oh. There are only two shelves.
Suddenly the truth dawns, this is a gay mans shop. I make some hasty excuse and the porn merchant lets me out. The sign ‘manfriends’ on the door has a completely different and perhaps more obvious meaning now as I leave the shop and go for a brisk walk to cool down.