While in Christchurch I had a go at street photography. This is something that I’ve always wanted to do but also been too afraid to do, for various reasons. Christchurch seems to be a good place for it as the centre is large and busy so you can kind of blend in quite easily.
The decision was helped by the fact that I’d read the experiences of someone else who is now very good at street photography. He’d said that at first you’re nervous and just take long range shots without any interaction with the subjects and that after doing that for a while you’re confidence grows and you start being more bold.
I’m not going to deny that I certainly kept my distance and used my zoom lens, but I’m definitely pleased with some of my results and want to continue in the hope that I’ll get to the more confident stages in time, as described. My best few are below and I think they give a fairly good idea of how Christchurch is quite a cool town (well I liked it anyway).

Outdoor chess
Street performer
People loving the tram
Modern art statue