I’m actually off work today, with a cold. A cold that pretty much consumed my Saturday evening and the whole of Sunday. I was however very unsure about taking the day off work. I generally find it very difficult to decide if I’m ill enough to not go in. Three times, that I can think of, in my career I’ve gone into work and then have to leave early because I was actually too ill to be in. And I think I’ve stayed home and then realised that I probably could have gone in about twice.

I remember a classic conversation with my good friend Greig once:
He said ‘Yeah I’m pulling a sickie today, my heads killing me and I feel cold all the time even though its warm in the house’ – I’m paraphrasing like mad but that was the basic jist of the words.
I said ‘That’s not pulling a sickie mate, that’s actually being ill.’

So how ill do you have to feel before you’ll call in sick?