It’s been quite a while since I last posted. There has not been a particularly good reason for this. I do feel a bit guilty about it though.
So let me give a quick outline on what’s been happening in my life recently….
Not much, I’m finally getting back into the exercise routine I had before I had glandular fever. It’s not taken this long because of illness, it’s taken this long because it’s far too easy to get used to being lazy. It’s very difficult to break the cycle of less exercise means less energy, means less enthusiasm to exercise, means less energy… etc.

I’ve rediscovered my enthusiasm for World of Warcraft, non-players may want to tune out for this paragraph. Being a warrior my character is very dependant on the stat boosts of his equipment. This is something that I didn’t really ‘get’. My excuse is that on a level-up your stats are automatically increased. You see in Diablo you had 5 points that you could allocate on each level-up. Meaning you had to keep track of stats and what difference they made to your characters performance. However in WoW I’ve only recently got a handle of what stats should be increased, so I’ve been spending time in the auction house (like an in-game ebay) getting kit to increase the right stats, as a result my character is pretty kick-ass now 🙂

I’m also trying to meditate once a day. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a long, long way from finding inner peace and all that. In the vein of non-drinkage though I’m intending to keep it up for two months, to see how I get on with it.

Too all those that I have been failing to call with the regularity that you may have become used to, my apologies. It is praying on my mind and I’m intending to make the time to catch up with you all.

Nothing exciting has been happening recently. I’m actually quite glad of this, having time to gather my thoughts and enjoy the atmosphere in the house has been good (term is coming to an end and people are moving out).