Debs read her selection of news and opinion without much interest. The train rides home seemed to be getting longer and longer these days. The words in front of her faded as her mind drifted. The carriage jolted and shuddered, just as Debs made eye contact with a fellow passenger she was thrown from her seat. The world tripped. The lights flickered and failed, plunging the carriage into darkness.
After a brief shaken moment braced against the seat in front Debs eyes adjusted to the semi-gloom. She saw the same passenger across the aisle, eyes wide with surprise and fear. Passengers throughout the carriage were picking themselves up question flew back and forwards, mostly ‘are you ok?’ and ‘what happened?’ people seemed to have minor cuts and bruises but nothing worse.
Suddenly a blinding flash filled the train. Someone gasped with fear. “Sorry! Just my camera” said a man a few seats up, sheepishly waving his phone. Debs quickly followed suit, setting her phone to video record mode. Pretty soon the whole carriage was filled with camera flashes and bright LED lights cutting through the slowly building smoke. Left and right impromptu interviews were being held. One person pointed out that they should break the emergency window to get out. Several people agreed but demanded him to wait until they had a good angle. One person even asked him to say it again ‘with feeling into the camera’.
Slowly they made their escape to fresh air, every step and movement recorded from at least two angles…