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Unless you practice badly in which case practice will make you perfectly bad.
This is concerning me with my guitar practice. I’m starting to see progress in my playing and sight reading skills, which is good but there are some areas that are rather lacking.

For example, when sight reading, I know pretty well which blob on the stave means which finger on the guitar. But I can’t actually NAME the notes either on the paper or on the guitar. At least not with out a bit of thought anyway. So I’ve decided that I need to address this. Esspecially seeing as I see no reason why I won’t be playing guitar for the rest of my life.
Also I need to increase my repertoire, or what I know how to play of by heart. It’s never good when someone says ‘play something’ and I can only play fairly basic stuf because I don’t have any music with me.
Thats the plan, hope it holds !!

I was reading over some of my first posts today, and I realised that the ‘random’ nature that I aimed for has been lost over the ages (nearly two years now!).
SO, an increase in shorter more random and meaningless posts is the hope :-
Is it a bird, is it a plane? No it’s a squirrel, you need your eyes tested….
Things like that.

I also noticed that my current theme shortens old posts for no apparent reason (why would I want that?) so I may have a bit more enthusiam towards the re-design (or design as it should be called). That enthusiam may lead to actual progress, of which there has been none so far.

So the police call again and I answer. Not quite a restraining order, but more of a warning/agreement. Any attempt by me to contact her will be seen as harassment.
At first I was quite upset by this, but after a few hours I realised that this actually changes nothing. I never had any intention of trying to make contact, and was actually quite worried about any chance meeting. Now I know exactly where I stand from a personal view (although there wasn’t much doubt there) and after saturday (when I’m going to the police station) from a legal standpoint. So if there is a chance meeting I no longer have to worry about how to act or what’ll happen because running away will be a perfectly acceptable response from me. Which to be honest would have been my natural reaction.

In fact you could see that as a good thing. I have no doubt about where I stand, I may even find out (from the police) what ACTUALLY happened, which would be nice. ‘They’ have peace of mind, which is good. Bizarre as it may sound I have actually worried at times that other people affected by these events would have difficulty continuing with normal life. So I know for a fact that that’ll be happening, don’t have to worry about the welfare of people I’ve promised (and am now legally bound) to not contact.

Not the best outcome you could imagine but in a slightly strange way everyone gets closure, that’s all I ever want when things go wrong… I was going to say ‘like this’ but I get the impression that this is quite a unique situation.

So, a case that was closed in my mind is now locked shut for good measure. Any further writing on the subject will not be released in the public domain and the status quo can return (not the band).

Well, the lack of contact from the police was bothering me slightly. Now I’m taking it as ‘when they said it’s not too serious, it’s really not’.
Otherwise they wouldn’t be leaving it over two working days to get back to me.

I feel I should point out that I slightly mis-quoted my answerphone message, it actually said ‘nothing too serious at this time’. Which is basically the same as ‘yet’ I suppose, but I like to correct my mistakes when I notice them.

Immediately the reasons become apparent.

Well I did manage to get to sleep last night, and in the light of day I’m not so worried. I’ve done nothing illegal and the police are there to ‘make surrey safer’ so I’ve got nothing to worry about.
I did try and go to the station today but it seemed to be under renovation or something. Either way I couldn’t get in so I’ll just have to wait for them to return my call.

Or to be more accurate I get an voice mail from the police, seeing as they called while I was attending a photographic workshop (very good by the way).
They wanted me to get back to them and to let them know of my availability next week. To quote exactly ‘nothing serious yet’.


I’ve called back and left a voice mail message of my own, and emailed.
I’m sure we can all guess what this is probably about, but I’m trying not to jump to any conclusions. That’s hardly going to help matters any. My intention is to go down to the police station tomorrow morning and try and find out what the hell’s going on.

How well I’ll sleep tonight seems questionable.

Events related herein are a few weeks out of date, but there have been other more pressing matters to blog about.

I left work early to drive down to Plymouth to see my parents, friends and to have a guitar lesson. Good stuff.
On the M4 I was bombing along in the fast lane in my normal fashion. My mind was drifting to what CD I wanted to put on next when


I tried to swerve to avoid it, but it was a bit of a half hearted effort. Partly because I was slow to see it, but mostly because I didn’t have time to check my mirror for anyone in the middle lane.


I looked in my rear view mirror in time to see a section of exhaust pipe lazily coming to rest safely on the central reservation.

Maybe it’s ok?
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In an admin miss-hap I seem to have accidently deleted the post ‘Somthings… missing’

Trying to recover it at the mo, if I fail then I’ll re-write it and add all the comments back manaully…. stay tuned.

[UPDATE]: As if by magic it’s all restored…. aren’t I clever 🙂

Metacognition is what that’s called, I think it should be called hyper-thought; much snappier.
Anyway, thats what I’ve been doing, thinking about the nature of thought. While doing this I couldn’t help but notice that my thoughts on thought took the form of an inner monologue, as all my thoughts do. It occured to me that if I could think without the use of an inner monologue, would my thoughts be faster?
It also came up while discussing these thoughts that the inner monologue is not the native nature of thoughts in the brain. The reasoning being that if it were then dreams would contain a lot more speech.
Unless I’m strange and everyone else has dreams full of dialogue.
So my curiousity as been tweaked, and my already slightly daunting list of things to look up has been added to.

Look forward to some interesting posts.*

*This is no guarentee that any future posts will be interesting