Metacognition is what that’s called, I think it should be called hyper-thought; much snappier.
Anyway, thats what I’ve been doing, thinking about the nature of thought. While doing this I couldn’t help but notice that my thoughts on thought took the form of an inner monologue, as all my thoughts do. It occured to me that if I could think without the use of an inner monologue, would my thoughts be faster?
It also came up while discussing these thoughts that the inner monologue is not the native nature of thoughts in the brain. The reasoning being that if it were then dreams would contain a lot more speech.
Unless I’m strange and everyone else has dreams full of dialogue.
So my curiousity as been tweaked, and my already slightly daunting list of things to look up has been added to.

Look forward to some interesting posts.*

*This is no guarentee that any future posts will be interesting