Unless you practice badly in which case practice will make you perfectly bad.
This is concerning me with my guitar practice. I’m starting to see progress in my playing and sight reading skills, which is good but there are some areas that are rather lacking.

For example, when sight reading, I know pretty well which blob on the stave means which finger on the guitar. But I can’t actually NAME the notes either on the paper or on the guitar. At least not with out a bit of thought anyway. So I’ve decided that I need to address this. Esspecially seeing as I see no reason why I won’t be playing guitar for the rest of my life.
Also I need to increase my repertoire, or what I know how to play of by heart. It’s never good when someone says ‘play something’ and I can only play fairly basic stuf because I don’t have any music with me.
Thats the plan, hope it holds !!