So the police call again and I answer. Not quite a restraining order, but more of a warning/agreement. Any attempt by me to contact her will be seen as harassment.
At first I was quite upset by this, but after a few hours I realised that this actually changes nothing. I never had any intention of trying to make contact, and was actually quite worried about any chance meeting. Now I know exactly where I stand from a personal view (although there wasn’t much doubt there) and after saturday (when I’m going to the police station) from a legal standpoint. So if there is a chance meeting I no longer have to worry about how to act or what’ll happen because running away will be a perfectly acceptable response from me. Which to be honest would have been my natural reaction.

In fact you could see that as a good thing. I have no doubt about where I stand, I may even find out (from the police) what ACTUALLY happened, which would be nice. ‘They’ have peace of mind, which is good. Bizarre as it may sound I have actually worried at times that other people affected by these events would have difficulty continuing with normal life. So I know for a fact that that’ll be happening, don’t have to worry about the welfare of people I’ve promised (and am now legally bound) to not contact.

Not the best outcome you could imagine but in a slightly strange way everyone gets closure, that’s all I ever want when things go wrong… I was going to say ‘like this’ but I get the impression that this is quite a unique situation.

So, a case that was closed in my mind is now locked shut for good measure. Any further writing on the subject will not be released in the public domain and the status quo can return (not the band).