If you’ve got broadband then you really need to check out this video clip. Be warned that the streaming can be a bit dodgy, it froze about five or six times when I was watching it. It’s very worth it though.
I’ve been interested in augmented reality ever since I saw it mentioned on the TV. In that instance it was a portable head-worn system that would sense rectangular shapes, like bill-boards and using a projection system would make it seem that information pertinent to you was printed on it. For example it could tell you that you’ve got email, or the name of someone trying to call you. I suppose there would be nothing to stop it displaying text messages you’ve recieved and things like that.

The possible uses for it are quite exciting, especially in the workplace. I know that airport maintenance crews already have something along the same lines to bring up schematics and the like.
Or for medical use, to be able to see an real-time ultrasound picture like its actually cut into the patient. All very cool stuff!