Fortunately I’ve now ‘grown into’ my new hair style. It still certainly wasn’t worth £40, but at least I don’t have to spend silly amounts of time in front of the mirror trying to get it ‘just so’.
You see, for as long as I can remember my hair styling regime involved three simple steps:

1: Go to bed (and sleep)
2: Get up
3: Don clothes

Sometimes the resultant style is nothing short of miraculous, impressive sweeping barnets that I could never achieve in a month of sundays. Even if I were actually in front of the mirror and putting in both product and effort.
Perhaps at night I become a sleepwalking master hair stylist?
This possiblity is both worrying and interesting. It conjures up images of housemates waking in the night to find me asleep, but with eyes open, blank stare, in front of the bathroom mirror, product in one hand, other hand styling with exaggerated care.

If it happens either my housemates have never seen it or they are too polite to mention anything. Either is possible.