Well I got back from Oxford at about midday. I had a really great time (it was my cousin Clares 21st). I was shocked at how many friends Clare could muster for the event! 25 I think was the number of people that sat for the meal, which is maddness. They all seemed to be really nice people too, which of course helps matters seeing as I didn’t know any of them.

I even got a room to myself and a bed, thanks to Geri, gold star to her for that, it certainly seemed above and beyond the call of friendship (to Clare not me, I only met her that day) and was very much appreciated.

Tomorrow I’m off to sort out clothing hire for my ski holiday, then I’ve got to go shopping for food, and hopefully I’ll be going to an extra capoeira class that’ll just be for learning to play the musical instruments. That may depend on how the time goes though.