Well I went to the osteopath again on tuesday, more fixing required but not as much as last time. Apparently I don’t breath properly, which is mildly disturbing. Fortunately he’s given me some excercises and explained where I was going wrong, it’s not as easy as you might think!
So anyway I felt on top of the world after that session, walking down the street smiling at other pedestrians hunched over against the elements. I had to quell the urge to dance to be perfectly honest, I was feeling that good!!
Plus, Tim the osteopath said I only need a single session next week, which will be cheaper, and I managed to arrange it to be much later in the day so I don’t have to take the whole afternoon off.

The price of pillows and swimming trunks in a department store that shall remain nameless bought me down a bit from this walk-tall, breath-deep style happiness. Only a bit though.

I didn’t buy a new pillow or any swimming trunks on that day.