I am a worrier, and recently I’ve been trying to get over this. As I think I’ve said before, worry can be the straight jacket to action (Yes I did).
I also have a habit of overly planning what I’m going to do, what I should do, and what I could do.
Yup, when the scouts said ‘be prepared’ I don’t think they expected me to take it this far, not that I actually was a scout or anything but hey. I’d plan things like what I would say if I bumped into that guy I knew from school six years ago, for example.
So I’ve been trying to counteract this excessive worry and planning by Living In The Moment. Something I think probably a lot of people do anyway, but for me it’s quite a challenge!
It is quite a meditation/zen monk, spiritual type thing to aim for; to live completely in the moment. Not the past i.e. thinking about whats happened. Not the future, i.e. whats going to happen, but right now.
Admittedly it is sometimes necessary to plan things, like doing washing. But as far as its possible I’m trying to live right now.

Perhaps if I’d planned this post a bit it may have got more of my point across.

That would be ironic.
Perhaps I’ll post a better version when my thoughts are in a better order.