Well, looking back over some of my posts, I noticed that not only am I terrible with spelling mistakes, typos and grammar mistakes in general, but also, I have completely failed to follow my own advice.
In this post I stated that I would blog more about my thoughts than my actions… Well I’ve blatantly failed to do that, I also recal tempting fate by suggesting I’d share my comic genius with the world (couldn’t find that post, and also ‘Yeah right!’).
So where does that leave me?
Well I have had ideas for random and hopefully humerous diversions, but I’ve not had the time or been in the right frame of mind when I do have the time… you’ll see what I’m on about if it ever happens.
As for blogging my thoughts: Seems I haven’t had many of those recently. Hopefully soon though!

On a completely separate note, I’m off on a pub crawl with ‘the students’ tonight (yay!) and its pissing down with rain (boo!).