I have a new housemate now, which means I am now living with three beautiful women, which is always nice. More importantly though they are really nice and easy to get on with.
Dan has yet to return my DVDs, but fortunately if he doesn’t then I can get the money from his depost. At the moment I’m missing seven DVD’s and one box set, and charging Β£20 per DVD and Β£50 for the box set means I’ll be getting Β£190 if he doesn’t bring them back.
Which of course leaves me almost hoping that he doesn’t.
Then again it would be a fair amount of hastle to buy them all again, not to mention a complete waste of my time…

Well what can you do about these things?
Anyway, the atmosphere in the house is really good right now and I’m meeting loads of nice people through breakdancing and capoeira, and they’re keeping me busy and active.
So life’s look pretty good for me at the moment ! πŸ™‚