Well I watched this film on DVD at the weekend, very good but also rather twisted!
Using excellent cinematography it shows the bad side of drugs and how they can really F88K UP people’s lives. Some of the bad trip scenes really put over how confusing and terrifying these kind of things can get, in a much better way than Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas did (thats also a damn good film though).
Put me off drugs for life, although admittedly I’ve kept them at a safe distance anyway, but hey 🙂

A good film, I was hoping for a much more insightful opinion but my brain is not cooperating at this moment.
Has Jennifer Connelly as one of the stars, not really all that important appart from the fact that I thought I recognised her from somewhere. Turns out she was in ‘A Beautiful Mind’, ‘Labyrinth’ and The Hulk (probably where I recognised her from) and she has no relation to Billy Connelly, the well known stand up.