Well that was a very enjoyable and very knackering five days, here’s what I’ve been upto:
(Yes I’m afraid it is going to be another list of day-by-day stuff but hopefully things should be back to normal (normal?) soon)

  • Friday: Got the train upto Loughborough and arrived in the early afternoon, after a bit of curfuffle we set off in the hire car to Chester. Unfortuanately traffic caused us to arrive pretty late so the light had gone for photo’s, but we still walked all the way round the wall and managed to find somewhere to eat. Then we went to stay at Den’s parents house.
  • Saturday: Got up fairly early to set off to Liverpool, this was pretty good, and I can now happily say that I’ve walked down Penny Lane (woo). Alana and ‘Cole went around the beatles museum experience thing and Den and I went to photograph ‘stuff’. This was good. Then we went a little way up the coast to Formby to have a look at the red squirrels. Didn’t take any pictures myself as they don’t look much different with black and white film. From there we carried on up to Southport where we had fish and chips (well I had pie and chips but its all still very British). We returned to Den’s parents house.
  • Sunday: We went back to Loughborough via the Peak district, which was good, went and saw a castle and went do a cave (with Blue John in it). Also we went to Bakewell and had a tart, which gave a great deal of satisfaction. Although they do call them puddings there. Bit more tourist type stuff and then back to Loughborough.
  • Monday: On this day we went to London, we visited Hyde park, Tower bridge, Harrods, Piccadilly Circus, Leicester Square, Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square and tried to get into a show but they were booked up. Not all in that order by the way.
  • Tuesday: Den and ‘Cole had stayed the night at mine and Alana had gone to stay with her friend Rachel (Racheal, Rachal?) and so we met up again at Camden Market, I have yet to buy anything from there. I think I deffinately need to be in the right mood, but sometime soon! Anyway, then we went to St Pauls, which unfortunately is covered in scafolding at the moment as its being cleaned. Then we split with Rachel and Alana going off for some more tourist type stuff and I showed Den and ‘Cole Canary Warf, which was good.
    I was going to be meeting up with Alana nad Rachel when Den and ‘Cole went home but I was completely knackered, and so came home.

So why all the tourist type stuff you may ask?
Well Alana is visiting from Australia, and so maximum effort was extended to explore some of the best bits… Was damn good fun, but geez, it certainly takes it out of ya!
Personally I don’t know how she’s still going but hey šŸ™‚