Well things have been pretty busy for me recently so I haven’t really had time or in fact inclination to blog. Strangely this lack of blogging on my part has left me feeling slightly guilty. So here is an update on what I’ve been doing for the past six days:

  • Weekend: Went home to see my parents and have a guitar lesson (both were good, although I caught some kind of one-day-cold).
  • Monday: Work (damn), then a quick tea. Went to try out a street dance lesson which wasn’t quite a beginner as I’d been hoping (hopelessly lost). One of the guys who was also hopelessly lost advised myself and another guy (don’t know either of their names) and myself that he was going to check out the breakdancing class. Well I thought ‘why not’ and am now signed up as it was great fun :). If you are confused by this random class changing then I must explain that these are courses run on the university campus and thus the first week of lessons is free to try.
  • Tuesday:Left work early to try out a different Tai Ch’i class as my class of choice was cancelled due to low numbers. Was a bit strange, I don’t think I’ll be going back. After that there was a mad rushed walk across Guildford to get to the breakdance society meeting to sign up. We meet every week in some hall somewhere (need more detail really) to practice moves and generally hang out and socialise. Sounds pretty damn good to me! Also there’s going to be a pub crawl next thurday, which is always the best way to get to know people.
  • Yesterday:Although I didn’t have anything to actually do on this day, somehow it got filled rather quickly, but I did manage to change my bed, something thats been put off for far too long.

Well thats that, and now I go back to work 🙂
ps Also planned long weekend trip to see Denyer and the loughborough crew, which will be good.