Well Dan has deffinately moved out of the house now, and it seems that there is a lot of interest in the room which is good. I’m certainly hoping that we get another quality person in, it sounds like the people that have been interested are good people, even though I’ve not met any of them. Its all been a bit strange, it was all sorted for some guy to move in in November, but then I get back from the weekend madness and there’s someone gonna look round (missed him) and calls left right and center with people interested… bit crazy.

Trouble is it seems that Dan has gone off with a whole load of my DVD’s, which is rather rude, ‘specially seeing as my brand new Babylon 5 series one boxed set that I got for my birthday now also seems to have disappeared. This is damn annoying and means I’ll have to call him and that may well lead to confrontation which I really am not a fan of!
But then no-one comes between me and my DVD’s !!!