Well I had my first session at my new gym, it seems pretty damn good !!

Decided not to push it too hard seeing as I haven’t been for over four months :O.
They do have a very cool excercise bike there, it has a build in game machine!!

Yes and not only that but how hard you peddle effects the game. The first one I played was pretty damn simple, space ship shooty type thing… where the faster you peddled the quicker you shoot and also the quicker you can charge up your ‘super weapon’… very cool stuff.
The second game I played, you fly a lil ship around and collect floating gems that you then have to return to the ‘harvester’, the faster you peddle the faster your ship goes, but the more gems you are ‘towing’ the harder the resistance….
first round I didn’t realise this and damn… I had a huge row of gems I was towing and I strayed too close to a black hole, that was an awful lot of work to get out of that situation!!!

Deffinately a very cool way of making excercise more fun!