Strangely I seem to have developed a backlog of things that I want to blog about, so I think I’ll try and get myself in gear and get them up. Although having said that some of them haven’t been posted because they require some research and I’m feeling a bit idle in that department right now.
Others just haven’t yet seemed to fall into place properly with wordage and stuff. So anyway onto the first on the list:
I was stimulate to think about the hecktic pace of modern life by an article on slowness and its follow up, both interesting and the follow up has some disturbing facts.
So what has happened to the world that has created all these problems with people rushing around and not spending a decent amount of time with family and friends or even sitting down to a decent meal?

Well quite frankly I have no idea, these problems are foreign to me and when I see people rushing around and getting stressed I can’t help but smile. Of course thats not to say that I don’t rush from time to time, its fairly well know that if possible I’ll always arrive early for things.
But there is method to my maddness (in my mind at least). I like to arrive early or have my periods of rushing simply so that I do have time to relax and spend quality time with people or food.
Infact I like to think that my method of things results in a much more leisurely, you don’t believe?
Well heres a good example:
Person ‘A’ has an appoinment at 12, they know the journey usually takes 15 minutes so they aim to leave at 11:45, after a bit of faffing with the whole leaving process (face it when was the last time you got up and walked straight out the house with no faffing?) they leave a 11:47 (small difference but bear with me), they are then delayed by three minutes and either arrive late and look bad or have to run to arrive on time.
Same example with me:
Same appointment, same journey time, I start getting ready to leave at 11:35 (ish, depend on how important the appointment is) leave at 11:37, have no hold ups and arrive at 11:52. I can now sit on a park bench and prepare myself for whatever is to come, or go in early and get an idea of the layout of the building or whatever (information addict :P).
Perhpas to some people this would seem completely stupid but it works for me, and people that know me will agree that I am NOT a stressed person, and rarely (if ever) get stressed.

I’m also a fan of T’ai Chi where if you DON’T move slowly then you’re doing it wrong (which is a very relaxing experience and atmosphere). So my general advice to anyone that feels like listening is slow down and enjoy life, even if paradoxically this means you’d have to rush MORE in other parts of your life to get the down time (its well worth it I tells ya!)

Well thats the first thing on my list-of-things to blog about and it came out completely differently to me ‘head-draft’ but hey 🙂