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I am now the proud installer of the make love not spam screensaver by lycos. The idea of this is very appealing, when your computer goes into screensaver mode, it will make random requests to sites that are advertised by spam. The idea being to completely cain their bandwidth. Figures are something along the lines of 8MB of bandwidth consumed per screensaver, so if enough people get the screensaver these sites with their less than agreeable advertising techniques will have to pay for gigabytes of bandwidth per day.
Hopefully they’ll get the message and stop using spam mail.

Rise up! Gentle reader, fight the terror of spam!

Having a program called Urchin hidden in the background of this website is rather cool for the reason that it tells me what search terms people used that resulted in a hit to Some are fairly predictable, ‘Silly tasks’, ‘Random ock’, ‘the health benifits of apples’ and things along those lines that could be quite easily related to this site.
However some of the other searches that have lead here really do highlight how far search technology has yet to go. For example:
‘Pictures of a dogs reproductive system’… Or ‘Striptease classes’? Well these people were quite obviously disappointed when they clicked on the link to this site. In some ways this makes me feel slightly guilty, I feel that I should have some kind of disclaimer ‘If you came to this site via a search engine it’s quite probable that there is nothing of interest to you’ or something along those lines.
There was a stage when I was tempted to take ideas for my posts from the searches that led here. There was a good example of this when a search that led here was for ‘endorphins in exercise’, or something similar, because this is something that I know a bit about and would be interested in finding out more.
Well as you can see I have yet to do anything along these lines, partly because of the close relation it seems to have with stable doors and a definate lack of horses.

Yesterday I went to Earls court London to go to the Plasa 2004 exhibition. I was there specifically to look at DJ gear. Not that I need any new kit or anything, the stuff I have is pretty much top of the range and perfectly fine for home use.
I suppose getting to see the uk premier of the Technics SL-DZ1200 digital CDJ turntable and recorded an excusive video of them being demonstrated AND getting to have a go on one of the six working prototypes at the time… yeah getting to do and see that last year gave me good incentive to go again.
I didn’t stay for long, but I saw and had a go on some damn cool stuff.
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Well I played the demo (162Mb) of Rome: Total war yesterday lunch time, I was pretty impressed, you get a simple training mission and the historical battle of Trebia where you play Hannibal with his elephants.
This was pretty good, but considering that the battle engine of Rome:TW has already been used on two historical re-enactment type TV programs I already knew it was gonna be pretty damn good.

The part of the game that I’m looking forward to seeing wasn’t available in the demo. This is the re-done campaign map, it is enirely in 3D, with the ability to zoom in and out. A more exciting aspect of this though is the fact that representations of armies on the campaign map are possitionaly accurate. In other words, if they are ‘near the river on the left’ in this view then thats where they’ll be in the battle view. Also armys can be possitioned to cut off trade routes and other such things. The representation of cities will also be accurate, with buildings destroyed in battle being no longer available in the campaign. ie if a barracks gets destroyed then that town will no longer be able to train troops.

Gamespy have a very good hands-on preview, although you do have to get past some advertising first 😐

I was searching the internet earlier, trying to find out if food cooked in microwaves does actually cool down quicker, and if so why.
I still haven’t managed to find the answer (grrr) but I did come across this rather amusing but also alarming little story:

I don’t want to sound like I know everything in the world or even like I know quite a lot. But you had a question regarding “If a microwave oven door were to open while it was still on, what would happen? Could it hurt you?- JP”

Well ..Having the thought process that I have, kinda how should I put it? …Stupid? or inventive or even in-between. Well, my microwave door did happen to come off. Magic Chef 900-watt microwave. Well, I did my best to try to fix it but the hinge on one side did not attach properly, therefore having a gap between the door and the appliance. Being me (stupid) I wondered if it would burn fast or would it gradually warm up. I slid my finger between…You probably dying to hear what happened… But it didn’t gradually warm up at all. It was instant heat! It didn’t scar me or anything like that, but sure scared the H*** out of me to find out it got so hot so quick. I didn’t get any blisters either. But it just burned like touching something hot on the tip of my finger being that is the only thing I put in. Well you know the old adage, “You learn from your mistakes”, stands true. lol – Anonymous

Well I think I’ll be learning from that mistake too!!!
Acording to the reply on the board this was posted on, if the full 900 watts of power had been availible to the curious finger it would have been roasted quickly. Not a good thing!

… until my ASDL gets activated, no more taking work home on stupid floppys, back to the joy that is email and or web space. Ideally in this situation I’d be using my 128Mb flash disk that pretends to be an MP3 player but actually isn’t…..

but I lost it 😐

Wow, a silent, shiny PC…
Hush, the silent PC we all want

Read the review or visit the homesite of this lustful piece of tech.