I was searching the internet earlier, trying to find out if food cooked in microwaves does actually cool down quicker, and if so why.
I still haven’t managed to find the answer (grrr) but I did come across this rather amusing but also alarming little story:

I don’t want to sound like I know everything in the world or even like I know quite a lot. But you had a question regarding “If a microwave oven door were to open while it was still on, what would happen? Could it hurt you?- JP”

Well ..Having the thought process that I have, kinda how should I put it? …Stupid? or inventive or even in-between. Well, my microwave door did happen to come off. Magic Chef 900-watt microwave. Well, I did my best to try to fix it but the hinge on one side did not attach properly, therefore having a gap between the door and the appliance. Being me (stupid) I wondered if it would burn fast or would it gradually warm up. I slid my finger between…You probably dying to hear what happened… But it didn’t gradually warm up at all. It was instant heat! It didn’t scar me or anything like that, but sure scared the H*** out of me to find out it got so hot so quick. I didn’t get any blisters either. But it just burned like touching something hot on the tip of my finger being that is the only thing I put in. Well you know the old adage, “You learn from your mistakes”, stands true. lol – Anonymous

Well I think I’ll be learning from that mistake too!!!
Acording to the reply on the board this was posted on, if the full 900 watts of power had been availible to the curious finger it would have been roasted quickly. Not a good thing!