It’s been quite a while since my last blog so I could have a lot to say. I don’t really. I’ve been enjoying relaxing at home with my parents. I’ve also had a mad week and a half travelling round the UK visiting and catching up with friends. Which has been great fun!
Progress on ‘100 push-ups’? I got to the end of week three – so half way through before interrupting myself with my friend-trip. I have yet to get back into the habbit, and when I do I think I’ll either have to repeat the first day of week 4 a few times or go from the middle of week three to get back upto speed.
Having said that the improvement from start to now is still very pleasing 🙂

Last weekend I did a day trip to London. A but mad I know but it was a chance to meet with a friend from Guildford who has since moved to scotland (ie damn far away) and earn a bit of money helping him out with some wedding photography. This was great not only for the chance to see him and all that but also as an opporunity to get the most out of my new phone. Google maps, tube status and tube maps – along with my car GPS were all used to full effect to get me there and get me back.
Technology used well methinks. Also makes it seem like the expense of said technology was actually worth it. At least to some extent anyway 🙂