It seems that as life goes on it becomes easier and easier to convince oneself that there was a point in the past where one was fitter, stronger, and more flexible than one is now. I’m going through this right now. I know for a fact that I’m not as flexible as I was when I left, which is something that I want to fix. Also when I came back I’d been spending about six months essentially bumming around not doing much excercise. So I’ve been going running in the mornings. Not all mornings I hasten to add but definately in the morning.
I’ve been doing the same route and timing it. Rather satisfyingly my time as been going down quite a lot: First run 16:00, second run: 14:45, this mornings run: 13:35. Interestingly my improvement this morning I put down almost entirely to social pressure. I was running past the local school and I felt a bit like stopping. Well for one thing stopping red faced and wheezing like and over-excited asthmatic outside a primary school these days is probably grounds for arrest under the terrorism act.
Secondly, for whatever reason, there were a lot of people about – Mums and such. The social embarressment of slowing from ‘runner-guy’ to ‘unfit-walking-guy’ was too high – I just had to keep going.

Also in my bid to become less terribly unfit I’m half way through the second week of one hunderd push-ups. I’m also recording this in my ‘special exercise book’ and although I’ve yet to meet all the targets set on the website there is a gratifying increase in strenth day by day.
This all brings me back to the question, ‘how fit was I?’. Perhaps as long as the impression that I need to do more to ‘get back to where I was’ is keeping me motivated then it doesn’t really matter.