I’m in Fiji!!!
I would have told you earlier but as some of you may have noticed there was some website messiness where my site appeared to go down. Thanks to the rapid response of united hosting it’s all sorted (I just mailed their support and said help and they did the rest!)
So I’m in Fiji, there is a lot more rain that I expected, as it’s still the wet season at the moment. This is actually quite a relief as when it’s not raining it’s crazy hot and I tend to break into a sweat from such heavy actives as sitting and lying.
Tomorrow I’ll be doing my first dive session in the ocean having done three pool dives to learn the basics.
It’s all pretty good although when I have to clear my mask by blowing through my nose (getting rid of any water)… yeah I can’t do that.
But the instructor is very good and has given myself and Mimi some exercises to do to help us. He is confident that we’ll have our open water certification by the end of Sunday along with the rest of the group.
I’m staying in a genuine Fijian village at the moment which is certainly quite an experience. I wouldn’t say that it’s all been good (not getting enough sleep mainly) but with a few more days to go who knows how things will pan out.