Last Friday I was at a loose end. I didn’t really want to spend any money but I also didn’t want to mooch around the hostel doing nothing or reading or something like that.
So I went for a walk, and ended up sitting on a bench by the marina watching the world go by. After a while of sitting a woman sat on the same bench. We got to talking about this and that. After an hour of increasingly involved chat she suggested that we get out of the wind and get some food. It was cold so I was all for that although I have a few second thoughts about getting food – it would involve spending money. I went anyway.
So there was lots of talking, a few drinks and a damn good main followed by an equally good dessert.

I’ve always been a bit unsure about modern etiquette at the best of times so I had no idea how to handle the whole money thing. Especially since she’d be getting the drinks and although she said she got them for free because her brother worked behind the bar I did see here with a card out and in a reader.
When she went to the toilet I got the bill and put my card down – seemed like a gentlemanly thing to do. However she got back before the bill + card was collected. This was when I realized that this is definitely the 21st century.
‘I’ll get this – I’m not on a budget and you are’ She breezed.
‘Are you sure’ – I had no idea how strongly I should argue this point.
And that was that, free dinner!
As we say here in NZ – Sweet as.