You’d be forgiven if you were under the impression that I’d become a giant
I am giant!
this is a lookout near Canaans Downs and I’m guessing that it’s been fast eroded by ice or something like that. Like many of the tramping tracks in NZ there were points along the way when the path was less than obvious
There's a path here somewhere
and on one occasion I actually got lost and was scrambling around on a hillside for a few minutes before retracing my steps and finding the correct way. So I got to the top and started climbing across this crazy mini mountain-scape, you can forgive me I hope if I tell you that I assumed that once again I’d taken a wrong turn. I hadn’t. And this mountain-scape was next to a very tall and steep drop, AND it had large cracks in it which also got quite deep. Seeing as I didn’t have a more experienced expert strapped to me (although I think in this case it wouldn’t have helped much) I took things very very cautiously. I think I probably looked a little like a geriatric golumn. When I got as close to the edge as I dared (which wasn’t very close) I sat and took a lot of pictures. I wasn’t going to go through all that fear without having something to show for it! Even safely back from the edge I still had waves of vertigo, hopefully that gives you an idea of how high and dodgy my position felt.
My previous vague plan of returning closer to sunset to get some spectacular shots was swiftly abandoned and I drove off when I got back to my van.