As I left Wellington on the ferry to the south island the weather was rubbish, lots of wind. Initially I was worried that this would give me a rough ride. I had seriously underestimated the size of the ferry, it was a very smooth ride – and they had some films on a big screen in the passenger lounge so I was at least slightly entertained.
Strangely the crossing left me feeling a lot more isolated and alone than any other stage of my travelling. I have several possible explanations for this, firstly I had a pretty sociable time in Wellington, meeting up with Olivia again along with some of the people on her bus. It left me thinking that I’ll definitely get a bus of some kind in Australia.
Secondly it was a period of travelling, giving that feeling of distance but with no plans on arrival. No hostel booking, no WWOOF’ing farms (Willing Workers On Organic Farms), nothing.
Third possible is that I’d just reached that stage of travelling where one tends to feel a bit homesick – apparently it happens about 3 months in, on average.